Things have been busy. Between settling into a new home, work, and then the requisite new years partying, it’s been tough to find time to sit and edit photos and organize posts.

I admit it. I forgot that you have to have a certain level of dedication with an active blog. You can’t just wish a blog post into existence. It’d be nice, but it’s not something that exists in the world yet.

The past two weeks’ baking projects have been:

  1. purple tie-dye sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting
  2. brown sugar cupcakes with bourbon butter cream (AKA: My last semi-blunder of 2015)
  3. chocolate cupcakes with Bailey’s Butter Cream
  4. Chocolate Chip Mandel bread.

When I have some more time, the photos will be edited and posted along with some recipes and general chatter and nonsense.

For now, have a couple of silly photos of my friends eating sweets



Sus and Traci mugging for the camera with some cupcakes


Phoenix om-noming like a champ!

Happy New Year! ❤


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