Purple Tie-Dye Sugar Cookies

So addapinch has a super simple, super reliable sugar cookie recipes.

I love sugar cookies, but they are a really simple cookie, and for some reason, I always like to make things slightly more complicated than they have to be. There are very few recipes that I don’t feel the need to tinker with.

and recently, thanks to my friend Mary over at Uncustomary Art (go, read, get inspired, follow!), I’ve been thinking a lot about color.

I’ve always been a black-and-grey kind of person in terms of aesthetic.  I like color, but I have the bad habit of letting it fall by the wayside.

Mary, on the other hand, loves color. It’s an enormous part of her life. Mary once had to wear a black dress and she very nearly had an existential crisis over it. That’s how dedicated to color she is. It’s awesome.

A month or so ago, we made a tie-dye cake together, and she left me with the food coloring we used, and since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about more fun, colorful baking projects.

Enter: purple cookies.

2015-12-28 17.00.59

They didn’t turn out as purple as I’d hoped. I’d used the same dye to make some purple lavender frosting, which turned out great, but cookie dough is thicker, and I decided to add the color in after I threw in the dry ingredients. I was afraid that the flour would mask the color if I added it into the wet first.

Hence the tie-dye.

2015-12-28 16.53.15

2015-12-28 16.59.59

In the end, I used the leftover cream cheese frosting from the previous gingerbread cupcakes to top these off, and they turned out really well.

But hopefully I’ll get a little better at using color as I keep trying.


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