Lost Weekend (Pt 1.)


2016-01-06 12.44.18

My best friend Phoenix, and her boyfriend (who is also a very good friend) came to town for New Years weekend! Yay!

If you put more than four of our friends in a room together, more often than not the vibe will shift from “hang out” to “party.” Very little adulting got done from the evening of December 31st through January 3rd. Mostly we got silly and didn’t sleep.

Saturday night, most of the group went out to do some dancing, but Phoenix and I, along with another friend stayed in and watched movies.

And also, we made cupcakes from a box of cake mix Phoenix brought down with her from Pittsburgh.


No, the Panko didn’t get used. We promise.

Look, generally speaking I’m not into boxed baked goods, and I admit that that’s probably kind of snobby.

The truth is cake from a box tends to be pretty great. Sometimes you don’t wanna do all the work. Sometimes you just wanna dump some powder into a bowl, add eggs and oil and whatever the hell and then throw it in the oven and be done with it.

However, I will always insist on making my own frosting, because I just…

Fuck. I hate canned frosting.

I tried it pretty recently and it just tasted chemically and it drove home the fact that I never want to buy another can of frosting again in my life ever. Homemade frosting isn’t hard, it tastes better, and you can doctor it up anyway you want.

In this instance, we used the usual buttercream recipe:

2 sticks butter
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla

But we left out the milk and added…well, I don’t remember how much we added, but we added Bailey’s Irish Cream, and we used it as both a filling and a frosting. The original plan had been to do the Bailey’s as the filling and then a chocolate whiskey frosting, but Phoenix made the executive decision to only make one frosting.


We didn’t have a hand mixer handy (hehe), so we wound up trading the bowl back and forth and basically whipping the crap out of it between the two of us.

Me, being the baking freak I am, still thought it needed a little more chocolate, so I broke out the Hershey’s syrup and dribbled a little on top of each one.

The results were cute and also delicious.




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