Swedish Coconut Cookies

So generally, I’m not really a coconut person. I’m usually pretty picky about that. Especially since artificial coconut flavor is pretty spotty.

Ever eaten a coconut jelly bean? Yuch.

But! Roommate Traci got this recipe from her friend Annie, and she wanted to try it. So we did!


Our Recipe!

Do you know what the hardest part of baking is? It’s not the mixing. It’s not ratios, or figuring out whether something has been in the oven long enough.


I swear to you. It is waiting for the freaking butter to soften. It’s like a half hour of your life where you are not doing anything except waiting. If you’re wondering why these sticks look so beaten up, it’s because I beat them up. It was me. Take me away, officer, I smack sticks of butter around on the counter.

Yes, this recipe needed two cups of butter, which is four sticks. It’s…it’s a lot of butter you guys.


So you throw these in the fridge for two hours, and then slice. I may have sliced them a little big, which produced some pretty big cookies. Each batch of dough makes 2 logs. We threw one in the freezer for later cookie use. 🙂

We topped one sheet with walnuts, and one sheet without.

Now like I said. I’m not a coconut person in general, but these were really, really good.

Two thumbs. Would do again. Super tasty and soft.

In short: Om nom nom nom.


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