Snowed In!

So this past weekend, Baltimore was hit with a whopping 29.5 inches of snow.

I am not a tall person. That’s half my height in snow. That is half a Leigh of snow.

My friends and I were snowed in together for 3 1/2 to 4 days, and thankfully nobody was murdered, but things did manage to get a little silly.

Mary, over at Uncustomaryart held a Bubble Wrap party on Sunday, and thankfully, I decided to get snowed in at the house it was being held at, so I could join in the festivities and also bake some cupcakes for the event.

So for the cupcakes, I grabbed a White Cake recipe from I am Baker and I wound up adding some food coloring to it, which just so happened to match the cupcakes to some of the Bubble Wrap.

I almost typed poppy paper. We used to call it poppy paper as kids.

So the recipe calls for Cake Flour, but we only had all-purpose, which turned out fine! The tops were slightly more done than I usually aim for, but that could have been from the added food coloring. I’d be interested to try the recipe again with the cake flour just to see the difference.

The frosting was as follows:

1 cup unsalted butter
3 cups powdered sugar
1 Tbs vanilla extract
3 Tbs plus a dribble more champagne

See? Bubble Wrap? Bubbly frosting! We can thank Maura for providing the idea and the champagne.


It’s back to real life now. So, work, responsibility, all that.

But for one doofy weekend, we got to witness ridiculousness like this:


Snow does weird things to people, kids. Don’t do snow, okay?


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