Poof! Old Fashioned Donuts!

Roommate Jaki had a hankering for donuts for a while before we finally buckled down and made them last week. She sent me the recipe a while ago, but we needed cake flour and corn syrup and for some reason cake flour is not easy to find, possibly because cake flour is apparently packaged like this:

And not like this:

Also, I really need to do some research into the differences between light corn syrup and dark corn syrup (corn syrup is apparently a little racist), but I went with light because it had vanilla in it and that seemed legit for baked goods and sweets, and it worked well. I’ll do some googling on it though, because personally I’m really curious now. I had no idea there were different kinds! I was corn syrup color blind, apparently!

Now for something just as awkward as the last paragraph of bad jokes:


So I went to go and link the recipe for these old fashioned donuts, and the link (which was to a Youtube video that also had the recipe in the video description) got taken down.


I mean, the donuts were pretty great for a first try! They were a little overdone, but the glaze helped mitigate that.

The dough was super super sticky though. I’m not sure how to handle that without adding more flour, and thus running the risk of having to fry them longer and therefore having an overdone result. More refrigeration? Less rolling out the dough?

I have to admit, while I did a lot with the dough, Jaki handled the frying, because I could see the headlines:


In Any case, Jaki did a great job, and they were pretty awesome!

Achievement unlocked!


One thought on “Poof! Old Fashioned Donuts!

  1. Light vs Dark corn syrup is literally like white vs brown sugar: one is plain, the other has a bit of a molasses kick. They are interchangeable, though.

    These look super tasty, dude! I’ve never made doughnuts but you might’ve just ~inspired~ me! Each one for me 😉

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