The “This is About You” Book Launch Party

So my buddy Mary England, of Uncustomary Art, wrote a book about loving yourself, and different ways to enrich your life through self-love.

It’s a pretty great book. Personally, it’s been very helpful in my own little journey down life’s twisty road. The book is called “This is About You,” and it’s available to order through Amazon here. If you’ve ever had issues with self-esteem, or are interested in upping your self-care game, this is definitely a colorful, smart, interactive, comprehensive resource.

Get thee hence! *points to the above links*


Dammit, Jim, I’m a baker, not a photographer!

In any case, when she announced when her launch party would by, I texted Mary and asked if she wanted me to make cupcakes for the event.

She requested Funfetti cupcakes with a blue raspberry frosting.

So I don’t usually use cake from a box, since it’s just as easy to make the cake from scratch and then dump sprinkles into the batter before putting it in the oven. It’s not so much the taste that bothers me, because box cake actually tastes pretty good. It’s that I like the process of making cake from scratch. I like measuring and mixing and trying for myself.

Recently, hands down my favorite vanilla cake recipe comes from Life Love and Sugar. It’s here, and the only thing I do differently is use unsalted butter, mostly because every time I go to make it, I think it needs unsalted butter because most recipes do. So I get unsalted, realize it calls for salted, say “eff it!” and make it anyways. It comes out just about perfect every time.

The frosting is a basic butter cream, but I made more than I usually do because instead of having to decorate like…twelve-twenty cupcakes, I had over 50. I added just the tiniest, itty-bittiest drop of raspberry flavoring, because liquid flavorings are crazy potent, and then 8 metric tons of food coloring.


Oh yeah. I’m good at stuff sometimes

So Mary had requested Funfetti, and I tried to do this with gold sprinkles, but sadly they just melted into the cake. It made the cake a little sweeter which was nice, but it didn’t do much in terms of making them more sparkly which was a bummer. We did have little gold sugar balls to decorate with, so that definitely added a pop.

I’m pretty proud of them, and the party was awesome. Between the balloon hats, and face paint, the love letters to yourself and the photo booth, it was a really great time!

Maura Housley (who actually IS a great photographer) took a much better photo of the cupcakes:



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