A belated Thanksgiving!

Seriously, I really need to be better about updating this thing. It’s kind of aggressive how much I legitimately forgot about this blog.

It isn’t that I haven’t been baking. I’ve been baking. But sometimes, you just want to bake and not worry about snapping photos and coming up with themes I guess.

But here I am, a week after Thanksgiving to tell you that the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, when my friends and I did FRIENDSgiving, I made an apple pie.

An amazing apple pie.

The best apple pie.

Okay, it’s probably not the best apple pie. I’m not so pompous. I’m a little pompous, but “best” is probably too strong a word.

It was a solid apple pie.

I have a special place in my heart for pie that stems from being a nerd. Look up “Dean Winchester pie” in Google’s image search. That should give you a pretty good idea of why.


Not poisoned!

The pie started here, with four different kinds of apples: Granny Smith, obviously, the classic, Braeburn, Gala and Envy, which I had never heard of before. Envy apples are sweet and on the softer side, which was different.


You know that thing that happens where you think you’ve got all your ducks in a row, but then something unexpected happens, and you wind up peeling apples with a knife because your peeler sucks butt?


Our peeler, while it wins points for being purple, sucks butt.

In any case, after you get the apples peeled and chopped, you dump them in lemon juice so they don’t get brown and gross.

Lemon juice is like a Lazarus pit for produce. It just makes sure they don’t get old and weird.

I wonder if Lazarus pits are just giant swimming pools of lemon juice.

Ouch. That has to sting. And it doesn’t help with the weird part, apparently.


Bathes in lemon juice probably



Also bathes in lemon juice. Is not R’as Al Ghul

In any case, there were a lot of apples involved in this, and I didn’t even use all eight. I left a braeburn and a gala out of the mix.

And I want to make it clear that I did not make my own crust.

Look, don’t look a me like that. I work really hard at my job. I don’t have time to futz with crust made from scratch. So yeah. I bought the Pillsbury double pack. If you wanna fight about it, we can fight about it, but it’s not worth it, because you will lose.

I do, however, want to talk about the spice mix I used for this pie, because it’s not the prescribed spice mix at all.

I mean, yes, there is sugar and nutmeg and cinnamon, but there is also ginger, and a whole lot of it.

I don’t know about you and your friends, but me and mine like their food – even their desserts sometimes – to kick them in their faces. And that means that things need to get kinda spicy.

So. I don’t know how much ginger I used. I just kept adding until it tasted right.

And sometimes baking is like that. I know that a lot of what goes into baking is precision. Baking is the classical music of the kitchen. There’s not a lot of room for improvisation. You play what’s on the sheet, you play it as accurately and completely as you can possibly get it, and you come up with something wonderful.

Cooking is a little more jazz-like. You play solos. There are drum breaks where you’re just standing there watching your weird drummer make weird faces as he solos.

But sometimes you can sneak a little something into your baking.

And in this case, it was ginger.

So for my first foray into making an apple pie all on my lonesome (sans some much appreciated help from Roommate!Suz in peeling the apples), presentation-wise it turned out okay. The crust overflowed, as you can see above. The filling kinda bubbled up and stickily submerged half the pie.

But it was delicious. And when I left Friendsgiving that night, there was only a slice left, that I believe was eaten for breakfast by someone a day or so later.

Mission accomplished. 🙂


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