Goodbye Cupcakes!

No, not “goodbye, cupcakes.” That implies that I’m never going to make or eat a cupcake again, and that would be a lie.

Recently at work, we’ve had quite a few departures. It’s always sad to see your cube buddies go, but it’s also inspiring, and nice to know they’re headed for greener pastures.

Once such departure is my buddy, Sam, whose last day was Thursday. He’s headed for sunny San Diego and a shiny new nerd job. Go Sam!

So for Sam’s last day, I made lemon cupcakes with strawberry jam frosting. Unfortunately, he was so nervous about his move samand his new job, that he messed up his jaw, and couldn’t actually eat them, but reports from other coworkers were positive, despite some mishaps.



Sometimes you get really tired, and you don’t mean to overmix your batter, but you overmix your batter, even when the recipe is like “yo don’t overmix your batter.”

So I overmixed the batter.

I got the recipe from Live Well, Bake Often, whom I don’t think I’ve ever used before, but I can’t really blame the recipe. I felt like it was pretty solid for the most part. I just…

Got over eager with my mixing. There’s been a lot on my mind lately, so I’m not totally surprised things didn’t end up the way I wanted.

They sunk!


Now, I’ll admit they didn’t sink half as hard as the brown sugar cupcakes I made to pair with my super exciting bourbon frosting, but they weren’t the lovely, fluffy soft cupcakes I envisioned.

I didn’t have time to redo the recipe, and I was out of lemons anyway, so I took a deep breath, sucked it up, and rolled with the punches, making the frosting to go with it.

I have gotten very good at this frosting.

1 stick unsalted butter
2-3 cups powdered sugar
1 tbs milk
1/4 cup of strawberry jam

Again, I use the Smuckers Natural jam because it has less sugar in it. It’s a little pricier, but worth it. I recommend (as my friend Leeson recommended to me the first time I made this frosting) making this frosting before adding the jam. It works well!

They look pretty, and according to coworkers, taste good. So I’ll call it a semi-win. šŸ™‚


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